Paris is the Capital and the most distinguished city in France, it is worldwide famous destination and become tourist top choice and no wonder, the city is filled with art, culture, historical architecture, fashion boutiques, passion and undeniable inspiration for lovers.

paris attractions

People from all around the world come to experience this combination of complex and simplicity at least once and visit the many amazing attraction the city has such as,

elegant Eiffel tower: the most recognizable monument in Paris that was Built by Gustave Eiffel in 1889 it can not be missed .

The Louvre Museum: one of the biggest Museum in the world and the center of the finest art collections and paintings is Often visited by many enthusiastic tourists .

Seine river: is certainly a unique choice that will remark all of your Paris vacations, by having lunch or dinner in the many cruises in the river where the tourist can see all the beautiful attractions and marvelous views that will capture their imaginations

Hotels In Paris

The accommodation of Paris Hotels is combined with luxury, leisure, style, value and comfort, which gives the honeymooners the opportunities to create sentimental memories.

No surprise Honeymooners love Paris vacations, is where they can ignite the flame of passion and romance with unwavering pleasure and enjoyment that will make them fell in love with the city over and over again.