Kuala Lumpur the capital and the heart of Malaysia popularly called KL, the central of commercial, business and culture that becomes one of the essential cities in Asia, Malaysia tourism has grown in last few years with its booming economy, skyscrapers and expanding of modernity.

Why Kuala Lumpur is the perfect destination for you

Kuala Lumpur is defined to be the favourite destination for tourist from all around the world, for the magnificent attractions, many shopping malls, entertainments and amazing amusement park, your vacation in Kuala Lumpur will definitely exceed your expectations and If this is your first time in the city and don't know where to start your tour here are some hints on few must visit places.

The Bird Park: most visited place by the travellers, situated near to lake garden, there is over 3000 type of birds and the view is beyond amazing.

Petaling Street or (Chinatown): the vital street is usually crowded with tourists as well locals, it haven for shopping lovers because of the difference small markets around and the place is filled with many kinds restaurants, resulting a delightful mixture of colours and cultures.

Petronas Twin Towers: a Kuala Lumpur vacations won't be complete without visiting the breathtaking identical skyscrapers twins, to the side is the picturesque landscape KLCC Park which contains a walking track, a stunning fountain and a wading pool for children, inside the towers there is an art gallery, exhibits and Convention Centre, and apart from all that with no doubt the capturing and mesmerizing view from above the tower is totally unmissable.

Hotels In Kuala Lumpur

To enjoy the perfect vacation a stay in spectacular Kuala Lumpur hotels is just what you need, where you will be valued and be offered high-quality services while relaxing and enjoying the luxurious room with picturesque views.