It goes without saying Istanbul the former capital of turkey is one of the world magnificent towns, the city symbolizes a mixture of European modernism and Asian traditional culture, it reflects a rich history and truly amazing nature, that is why Istanbul is full of wonderful sightseeing and here are some clues on places in Istanbul Main point of interest.

Places To Visit In Istanbul

Hagia Sophia: There're many monuments in Istanbul but the former Christian patriarchal basilica, imperial mosque, and current museum with glittering Mosaics in Istanbul is a beautiful and one of kind architectural that represent an important History.

The colorful Grand Bazaar: the heart of İstanbul Old City, where you can explore around 3,000 shops and buy jewelrys, carpets, fashion clothes and textiles as lovely gifts to your friends and family.

Sultanahmet district (The Old City): where you'll find Istanbul Great Palaces and Museums, such as vivid Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque with mesmerizing interior design and the historical Basilica Cistern.

Lets not forget, your Istanbul vacations won't be complete without taking the Bosphorus cruise tours and see the loveliest sites in all Turkey, a stunning waterfront view that lined with picturesque greenery parks, and places is absolutely what will guarantee you the perfect holiday.

Hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul Hotels is a blend of leisure, luxury and will definitely suit your planned budget for the holiday, most of the hotels are near to the main attractions so you can enjoy the amazing views while staying in your hotel too.

the mosques, the museums, the Bosphorus trip, the bazaar and the many others points of interest, Istanbul certainly will totally keep you busy and entertained.